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i’ve tried this new brand of fav snack—muddy bear.


it has actually also SNOW BEAR white chocolate version, BERRY BLISS mixed berries version and so on, but my fav was still this dark chocolate one~!


the melty chocolate chips were wonderful!!!




today i ate a VERY VERY LARGE sweet potato for breakfast,

which held me until five thirty in the afternoon.

then i enjoyed a large plate of broccoli with garlic and some strawberries for tea time.

my dinner was with mom and having mushrooms and bell pepper with cauliflower rice. the rice tasted like mac and cheese!!! wow!!!

after dinner i had many packs of chocolate covered pumpkin seeds and muddybear biscuits and cocoa orange naked bar and fair trade chocolate raisin rice crisp bar and lastly chocolate animal cookies.

the one i most enjoyed was chocolate covered pumpkin seeds, and surely will collect all their choices including black sesame, almonds, walnuts…etc. yum~!