i’m recently reading on:
psychology today here to help breaking the bonds of food addiction.

let me pick a few points:

loneliness is not meaning only when you’re alone,

but also when you are in a new school,

or having a new job,

and this cause binge-eating like i have.

symptoms like eating HUGE amount of food in one sitting when already very full,

but have to be secretly because of feeling ashamed and guilty of their own actions.

i also become overweight and have less chance to have fun with family and friends because of the long time pain and uncomfortable of my stomach,

just imagine a girl who consume two jars of nut butter right after she’d eaten 1200g of nuts!!!

just counting the whole nuts there are 7200kcal!!!

my family is not rich to have many GOOD food like somewhat organic or zero fat things,

but because i must follow a gluten free diet,

my mom tried her best to pay for my gluten free snacks like rice cakes,

mary’s gone cracker,

gluten free nut butter and granola,

palema’s cookies and pancake mix…etc.

so i just get the chance to let myself binge with those food cuz they’re just DAMN delicious and FAKE HEALTHY.